Automating your Course – 1 on 1 Consultation Session

$ 100

If you are the core resource of your business, you know that you will be able to make more profits by increasing your own profit/minute. This means you should focus on the most productive and profitable tasks, and the others should be handled by someone else – or a machine. This is what automation is for

If you want to automate your course or take a physical course online to make the most of it, this consultancy is for you.

In this session, we will advise you on how you will:

  1. Reduce personal involvement
  2. Collect better data
  3. Provide better service through focus
  4. Automate administrative tasks


  1. Signup & purchase the session
  2. Fill out a basic data collection form
  3. Review by consultant and follow-up questions
  4. Scheduling of the 1-hour review
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