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Making a Good Call

good call

This module will help you to understand the significance of good opening for grasping the Doctor's attention and the steps you need to follow in order to develop a good opening. You will learn how opening help to establish the purpose of your call how you direct the conversation towards Doctor’s need. This module will answer you why most of Medical Reps despite hard work and good product knowledge cannot produce results.

This module will also help you to understand the effectiveness of probing in providing the foundation for Need/Benefit selling and allows you to take control of the sales call. You will learn about the role of probing in identifying doctor’s needs and the types of probing for various customer types. You will further learn in this module the importance of Reinforcing and steps you can take to establish yourself as problem-solver or consultant for a Doctor. This module will also help you to articulate your strategy when you get an acceptance signal or you won’t get an acceptance signal from Doctor.

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2 hrs 5 mins


Intermediate Level

English, Urdu


Mobile Friendly



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