The Basics of Selling


43 mins 

This course will help you to choose your pathway and mark your destination. To grow & achieve your goals you need to understand what actually required from you in terms of performance this module will help you to understand what is Performance? And what are the characteristics of Performance?  To uplift your performance you need to achieve Qualitative and Quantitative aspects of your performance which required Good communication skills and Right prospecting.



Importance of Prospecting in Pharmaceutical Selling
Pre-Call Planning
Making A Good Call
Handling Resistance
Post Call
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Sales are all about listening to the customer and providing them with an optimum solution for their problem. It is very important to have skill to be able to sell any product or service, or even yourself in a job interview. The art of selling is to understand the customers’ problem and provide them with the best solution. It is crucial for a sales representative to be able to effectively communicate with the buyer in order to be able to make a successful sale.

This course will teach you the basics of selling a product and pharmaceutical marketing. It will teach you how to maximize your sales potential and lure customers into buying your pharmaceutical products or drugs with effective selling and marketing.

This course includes an extensive guide on effective communication and the skills required to communicate with the end-user or buyer. Persuasive communication with a marketing mindset and performance can make you a successful salesperson. Uplift your performance by mastering your Qualitative and Quantitative approaches.

In this course, you will learn about the following important aspects of pharmaceutical marketing:

  1. Importance of Prospecting in Pharmaceutical Selling
  2. Pre-Call Planning
  3. Making A Good Call
  4. Handling Resistance
  5. Post Call Analysis

Est. Duration: 43 mins 




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